Fun Show Sponsors - 6/1/19




1. Stick Horse

     Sponsored by: Alley's Farm

2. Lead Line

     Sponsored by: Barrett Keeton

3. Ladies Trail Pleasure Racking

     Sponsored by: CLT Farms

4. Beginner Rider 11 & Under

     Sponsored by: Chris & Wendy Payton

5. Country Pleasure Racking

     Sponsored by: McCauley's Feed at Stiltner's Run

6. Open Buggy & Cart

     Sponsored by: Thompson Stables


7. Open Country Pleasure Walking

     Sponsored by: Dance with Hope Studios

8. Western Pleasure-Walk Trot Canter

     Sponsored by: Roxanne Hoover

9. Open Easy Gait

     Sponsored by: Alley's Farm 

10. Spotted Trail Pleasure

       Sponsored by: Cory Hayden & Sami Jo Smith

11. Men’s Trail Pleasure Racking

      Sponsored by: Mike & April Spradlin

12. Egg & Spoon

      Sponsored by: The Shirt Commander

13. Juvenile Easy Gait 17 & under

      Sponsored by: Butch & Lynne Dixon 






14. Novice Rider Open Easy Gait

        Sponsored by: Kay Thompson Duke 

15. Trail Pleasure Racking

        Sponsored by: Stiltner Construction and Guttering

16. Men’s County Pleasure Walking

       Sponsored by: L & L Stables

17. Juvenile Trail Pleasure Racking

       Sponsored by: Elkins Creek Horse Camp


18. Toilet Paper Race
       Sponsored by: Ellison Keeton

19. Ladies Country Pleasure Walking

       Sponsored by: Indian Run Stables 

20. Nifty Fifty-Riders 50 years and Up

       Sponsored by: Chris & Wendy Payton


21. Flat shod Style Racking

       Sponsored by: Indian Run Stables

22. $100 County Pleasure Walking Championship

       Sponsored by: Butch & Lynne Dixon 

23. Juvenile Racking Championship

       Sponsored by: Jolene Holbrook - Country Girl's Graphic's and Gift's


24. Speed Racking

       Sponsored by: Lindsey Thomas


25. Spotted Saddle Horse 

       Sponsored by: National Spotted Saddle Horse Association